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  by > spiro scimone

  with > francesco sframeli > spiro scimone >

            gianluca cesale > giulia weber

  director > francesco sframeli

  scenery > lino fiorito

  lighting > beatrice ficalbi

  director's assistant > roberto bonaventura

  photography > paolo galletta

  technical director > santo pinizzotto

  management > giovanni scimone

  scene production > nino zuccaro

  production > compagnia scimone sframeli >

  in collaboration with > théâtre garonne




Go on my love, kiss me on the mouth!

Give me a nice kiss on the mouth! (pause)

Just like when we were young, my love…

just like when we were young, my love!


With Amore the Scimone Sframeli Company continues its’ theatrical journey along the confines of humanity, moving once again within nameless places populated by nameless faces, simply referred to as “all people”. 2 couples appear on stage: the old man and the old lady, the captain and the fireman. Four figures moving about amongst the tombs. The scene is in fact set in a cemetery.
Time is suspended, this could be the last day of their lives. Dialogue jumps between the everyday and the surreal, with a speed and rhythm which cuts across their relationships, their attentions and physical requests veiling needs which are on the border between the truth and the tragedy of everyday life.
Love is an extreme and, possibly eternal, condition.











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